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PayGol is simple, fast and easy to integrate, following just a few steps, within minutes you will be ready! In case you need technical or integration support you can always send our team a special request using our contact form dropdown menu. We will be more than happy to help you.

1. What is PayGol?
2. How does PayGol mobile payments works?
3. Why should I add PayGol as a payment option?
4. Why is PayGol safer than a credit card?
5. How do I get started?
6. Which services can I offer via PayGol?
7. In which countries does PayGol offer its services?
8. Do my customers need an account with PayGol?
9. How and When do I receive my earnings?
10. I don't remember my Password, how can I recover it?
11. Can my clients send messages from a foreign country?
12. Why my earned money has decreased?
13. What if I can not reach the minimum required to be paid?
14. What is IBAN and SWIFT/BIC?
15. What happen if a payment requires more than 1 sms to be sent?
16. Does my PayGol Balance expire?
17. What are payment cycles and how do they work?
1. How can I start a service?
2. How can I Test my service before going live?
3. Can I use only one service in many web pages and web sites?
4. How do I add a PayGol payment button on my web pages?
5. How can change the payment button by my own one?
6. How many services am I allowed to have?
7. How long are my services valid?
8. Why do I get an Error: Unknown IP?
9. My IPN suddenly stopped working!
1. What's PayGol's SMS Gateway?
2. Why should I use PayGol's SMS Gateway?
3. How does PayGol's SMS Gateway work?
4. How can I buy SMS Credits?
5. What countries PayGol's SMS Gateway is available in?
6. Can I send sms messages from my own apps?
7. Do my SMS Gateway credits expire?
1. What is Premium SMS?
2. How can I create a Premium SMS service?
3. How long does it take to activate?
4. Does my service expire?
5. Do I need a website to use Premium SMS?
6. Which countries covers Premium SMS?

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