Secure payment processing.
Allows for larger payments.
Available in Europe.
Target a market with low credit card access.


What is SEPA?

SEPA is one of the most used payment methods in Europe especially for direct debit and recurring payments. SEPA transactions are all considered domestic, which means that there is no difference between national and intra-European cross border payments.

The coverage includes more than 30 countries and territories in Europe. Payments through SEPA are real time transactions that are available for account holders in any bank that is associated with SEPA. It is very secure, easy, and familar and it is one of the safest online payment methods in Europe.

Adding SEPA as a payment method helps merchants reach a wide portion of European countries, allowing merchants to increase their earnings.

How does it work?

When consumers decide to make a payment using SEPA, they can enter their bank account information upon checkout. Then, the amount will be debited from the consumer's selected account and credited to the merchant's account.

Merchant advantages

- Secure payment processing.

- Allows of larger payments.

- Increase earnings by offering a local payment method.

- Target a market with low credit and debir card access.

- No registration costs or monthly fees.

Consumer advantages

- Available for all type of markets / stores.

- Trusted local payment method.

- Local currency payment.

- No credit or debit card needed.

- Recurring charges / subscriptions possible.