Can be used for larger amounts or be combined.
Does not require a bank account.
Solution for blocked consumers or declined card transactions.
Real time processing.


What is paysafecard?

paysafecard is a prepaid payment solution available in more than 46 countries. When the consumer wants to pay with Paysafecard on a website, a special windows opens so that the consumer can enter a numerical code given by paysafecard. Neither a bank account nor a credit card is needed.

paysafecard processing is available for new and established merchants and it often leads to incresed earnings as it allows consumers to make online purchases like they were paying with cash online and helps you to target consumers that do not own a credit or debit card. In addition, merchants will see the transactions in their Paygol account almost immediately.

Processing paysafecard on your site has low risk of chargebacks, it does not expire and can be combined for larger amount payments.

How does it work?

The consumer completes the purchase by entering the 16 digits PIN in the payment screen. Then, the consumer will receive a confirmation email with the payment details and the Paygol transaction ID. The payment is immediately available in the merchant\s Paygol account.

Merchant advantages

- Real time online processing.

- Reach consumers that do not use credit cards.

- Solution for blocked consumers or declined card transactions.

- Processes transactions up to €1,000.

Consumer advantages

- Ideal for consumers that do not wish to use bank cards online.

- Fraud protection.

- Worldwide coverage.

- Can be combined for large amounts up to €1,000.

- For almost all markets. Perfect for Virtual products / Gamers.