Multiple payment options.
Allows for large payments.
Local currency payment.
Available in Peru.


What is PagoEfectivo?

Peru is one of the countries in Latin America with the lowest access to credit cards with a population of more than 31 million people, the market is dominated by local payment methods. We offer PagoEfectivo because it is a complete, trustworthy and well known payment method by the consumer in Peru.

Transactions with PagoEfectivo can be paid at any of the following associated banks or entities: BBVA Continental, BCP (Banco del crédito del Perú), Interbank, Scotiabank, Banbif, Western Union, Full carga, Agente Kasnet, Red Digital, MoneyGram, Caja Arequipa and Disahop.

Adding payment methods in Peru helps merchants covering an important consumer market in Latin America and increase their earnings.

How does it work?

When consumers decide to make a payment through PagoEfectivo, they will receive a voucher with a barcode at checkout. The consumer can pay this voucher online using a bank account or can take the voucher to any branch store or bank associated with PagoEfectivo.

Merchant advantages

- Multiple payment options.

- Allows for larger payments.

- Increase earnings by offering a trusted local payment.

- No registration costs or monthly fees.

Consumer advantages

- Available for all types of markets / stores.

- Trusted local payment method. No fraud risk.

- Local currency payment.

- Convenient, familiar, and simple process.

- Allows payment with multiple local options.