Bank transfer and voucher.
Allows for large payments.
Local currency payment.
Available in Chile.


What is Multicaja?

Multicaja is a services network that allows consumers to make payments in Chile, it is very popular and has a wide variety of online and offline services. Multicaja enables merchants to receive payments from consumers through bank transfers and printable vouchers that can be paid with cash . It is a very popular system with more than 8.000 points of sale and it is available for new or established merchants.

Multicaja is considered to be one of the most secure forms of payment in Chile, it is interconnected with the major banks in Chile and other payment processors.

Adding Chilean payment methods helps merchants reach one of the biggests markets in Latin America and increase their earnings.

How does it work?

When consumers pay using Multicaja, they can choose to pay online or to print a voucher which can be taken to any Multicaja location to pay with cash, or by choosing a bank transfer at checkout.

Merchant advantages

- Real time online processing.

- Allows for larger payments.

- Increase earnings by offering a trusted local payment.

- Target a market with high internet penetration and high card accessibility.

- No registration costs or monthly fees.

Consumer advantages

- Available for all types of markets / stores.

- Trusted local payment method. No fraud risk.

- Local currency payment.

- Convenient, familiar, and simple process.

- Allows payment with multiple local options.