Offer a variety of services or products online with Paygol!

Offer a variety of services or products online with Paygol!


Start accepting payments worldwide with Paygol in your web site, store, or app. It is secure, convenient, and easy to use for merchants and consumers. We offer a variety of payment methods around the world!

The Paygol service that a merchant needs in order to offer products or services varies according to the type of business. The services that a merchant can choose are the following:

Integrated: This is the most complete service and you can have full control of it. It can be easily integrated in any website.

Multi-price: This type of service is specially used when you want to offer your customers different price options. This type of service is normally used in game sites when users can choose one price of the multiple choice.

Premium SMS: Check the complete Premium SMS implementation clicking this link.



Reach millions of consumers in Latin America that are willing to pay with their local credit cards!

Reach millions of consumers in Latin America that are willing to pay with their local credit cards!

Paygol is available in Latin America!
Reach millions of consumers that are willing to pay with their local credit cards!
How to do it? Easy! Start Accepting #Paygol in your business and you will be able to receive payments from anywhere in the world, additionally, you will have access to those consumers that want to use their local credit cards, and others that prefer cash-based payment methods.
We have the solution to monetize your online business in Latin America and the world, easy, fast and accessible for all types os business.



It is the biggest market in Latin America. It’s on the top 10 countries leaders in eCommerce. It has a markets of around 210 million people, and the majority of purchases in Brazil are based on a payment method called Boleto, and local credit cards.


It is the 2nd biggest market in Latin America. It has a markets of  129 million of consumers that prefer to pay through secure, and familiar payment methods for them.


Chile has the highest indexes in online purchases made to international stores. In Chile, webpay is the most common and at the moment the only platform for online payments with local cards. It covers national cards and international credit cards. It is a secure, familiar and trustworthy platform for the consumers.


Colombia is a market that is rapidly growing in Latin America. Technology use has allowed consumers to have more access, and consequently to buy more, Although, many consumers still hesitate to use other payment methods that are not local, that is why reaching this market through their best known payments methods will help merchants to gain their confidence.


In Argentina the most accepted payment methods are cash based, those are in form of printable vouchers or tickets, that are payable at any branch store. This, due to the concern for digital security.


In Uruguay, the permanent payment method is cash based, because it is still common. The country has high indexes of internet penetration and while the credit card market has not developed to its fullest, the consumers are willing to buy online through other payment methods like Redpagos, which is a trustworthy payment method in the region.


The Peruvian market is still developing, and the cash is very common. This is a market where consumers prefer cash based payment methods.

The payment methods shown in the image are referred to the Direct / local for each region. With coverage for all Latin America we provide Pay per Call and SMS service.




Obtain Better Revenue in France, Italy, Romania and Sweden!

PayGol brings great news for you today!

In addition to our usual payment methods such as Credit Card and
Paysafecard we have implemented higher new SMS price points for France,
Italy, Romania and Sweden, all of them giving you excellent revenue.

For individual information on each country please check:





Accept payments whit SOFORT Banking

SOFORT Banking is a leading bank transfer system currently available in Europe.

You can use Sofort to receive payments for both physical and digital products and
services in a fast and secure way.

Sofort is currently available in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland.


- Earnings of 92%.
- Increase your customer base by providing a safe and effective payment method.
- Available in multiple countries.

More information
Questions and inquiries to our website

PayGol Launches Premium SMS

As seen on TV and many others media you can create now your own marketing campaigns, polls, promotions, voting, and more. You can create your own keyword where your users can send text messages to.

For example: Send TEXT to 1234 

How does it work?
1. Users send a text message to your custom created keyword (e.g.: TEXT to 1234)
2. A pre-defined reply message by you will be sent back to the user (e.g.:Thanks for your message)
3. This payment will be charged to user’s mobile phone bill
4. You receive your earnings and a payment notification will be sent to you via e-mail
Some benefits:
- Immediate activation
- No web site or any application required
- Different price points per country
- Great coverage

Premium SMS Coverage
Visiting the link below you can find the countries where PREMIUM SMS is available:


How to check PayGol’s PIN Code status

In the case your users are facing problems activating the PIN Code we provide this tool to check or activate their PIN code at anytime.

When purchasing services or items, users are required to send text messages or make a phone call to pay for their items. At this time they are provided with a PIN Code on the payment screen. In case the Pin Code has not been used, they will be able to get their items right away by activating the PIN anytime.

To check it out please visit this link:

Morocco now available

Morocco now available

Morocco is finally here!

As the end of the year is coming we have some great news, the long awaited Morocco coverage is part of our ever growing list of countries.

Available and ready for the following products:

-Web applications
-Android applications
-Sending SMS Gateway

Extra Information

Currency: MAD
Population: 32,878,400

Carriers: Maroc, Meditel, INWI

Important: To start using Morocco, please go to My Services, edit your service(s) and add Morocco manually.

More Details:

Marruecos ahora disponible

Morocco now available

A punto de finalizar el año traemos buenas noticias, la larga espera ha terminado y Marruecos pasa a ser parte de nuestra lista de paises incluidos en nuestra cobertura.

Disponible para los siguientes productos:

- Aplicaciones Web
– Aplicaciones Android
– Envio de SMS

Información Extra:

Divisa: MAD
Población: 32,878,400
Carriers: Maroc, Meditel, INWI

Importante : Para comenzar a usar Marruecos, es necesario dirigirse a Mis Servicios, editar tu(s) servicio(s) y agregar este pais de forma manual.

Mas Detalles:


14 New Countries added on PayGol’s Pay per Call

Again, we are still at it, letting the calls do the talking! With our unbeatable prices we decided to Supercharge our Pay Per Call! We’ve just added 14 Countries to our PPC list so you can accept payments by pay per call too! Remember, works on mobile phones and of course LANDLINES TOO!

Visit the full coverage list and great payouts at:


Czeck Republic