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Offer a variety of services or products online with Paygol!

Offer a variety of services or products online with Paygol!


Start accepting payments worldwide with Paygol in your web site, store, or app. It is secure, convenient, and easy to use for merchants and consumers. We offer a variety of payment methods around the world!

The Paygol service that a merchant needs in order to offer products or services varies according to the type of business. The services that a merchant can choose are the following:

Integrated: This is the most complete service and you can have full control of it. It can be easily integrated in any website.

Multi-price: This type of service is specially used when you want to offer your customers different price options. This type of service is normally used in game sites when users can choose one price of the multiple choice.

Premium SMS: Check the complete Premium SMS implementation clicking this link.



Reach millions of consumers in Latin America that are willing to pay with their local credit cards!

Reach millions of consumers in Latin America that are willing to pay with their local credit cards!

Paygol is available in Latin America!
Reach millions of consumers that are willing to pay with their local credit cards!
How to do it? Easy! Start Accepting #Paygol in your business and you will be able to receive payments from anywhere in the world, additionally, you will have access to those consumers that want to use their local credit cards, and others that prefer cash-based payment methods.
We have the solution to monetize your online business in Latin America and the world, easy, fast and accessible for all types os business.



It is the biggest market in Latin America. It’s on the top 10 countries leaders in eCommerce. It has a markets of around 210 million people, and the majority of purchases in Brazil are based on a payment method called Boleto, and local credit cards.


It is the 2nd biggest market in Latin America. It has a markets of  129 million of consumers that prefer to pay through secure, and familiar payment methods for them.


Chile has the highest indexes in online purchases made to international stores. In Chile, webpay is the most common and at the moment the only platform for online payments with local cards. It covers national cards and international credit cards. It is a secure, familiar and trustworthy platform for the consumers.


Colombia is a market that is rapidly growing in Latin America. Technology use has allowed consumers to have more access, and consequently to buy more, Although, many consumers still hesitate to use other payment methods that are not local, that is why reaching this market through their best known payments methods will help merchants to gain their confidence.


In Argentina the most accepted payment methods are cash based, those are in form of printable vouchers or tickets, that are payable at any branch store. This, due to the concern for digital security.


In Uruguay, the permanent payment method is cash based, because it is still common. The country has high indexes of internet penetration and while the credit card market has not developed to its fullest, the consumers are willing to buy online through other payment methods like Redpagos, which is a trustworthy payment method in the region.


The Peruvian market is still developing, and the cash is very common. This is a market where consumers prefer cash based payment methods.

The payment methods shown in the image are referred to the Direct / local for each region. With coverage for all Latin America we provide Pay per Call and SMS service.




Start accepting Credit Cards. The most popular payment method Globally!

Start accepting Credit Cards. The most popular payment method Globally!


Accept credit card payments online through Paygol and help your business grow using an easy, safe and efective payment option!
Reach clients globally! Save money and time with Paygol.

Receive SMS payments in Bolivia

We are glad to announce that Bolivia has been added to our Premium SMS and SMS payments coverage.


- Fast and secure.
- Suitable for customers without access to a credit card or bank.
- No activation fee or monthly costs.
- Millions of potential new customers.

More information about our SMS payment service:

More information about our Premium SMS payment service:

View all of our payment methods:


Begin to accept payments by phone call

What is Pay per call?

Pay per call is an easy and quick way to pay. It offers great coverage, immediate validation, and is extremely convenient as only a phone is needed.

How does it work for the customer?

During the payment process your customer will be shown a phone number to call to. There are two possible ways to pay: pay per call and pay per minute. In the first one the payment is made immediately. In the second one your customer will be asked to stay on the line for a certain amount of time. The amount will be charged directly to the customer’s phone account.


- Fast and secure.
- Convenient for customers without access to credit cards or a bank account.
- Worldwide coverage.
- No activation costs or monthly fees.

The Solution

PayGol offers pay per call as a payment method.  Your clients only need a telephone.

PayGol is easy to integrate and does not require any technical skills. It can be integrated into any website, game, or application.

PayGol as a payment option

PayGol offers professional analytics tools for tracking and optimizing your transactions.  

Start accepting payments online

What is PayGol?

PayGol is a payment system provider that allows you to have all your online payments available on your website or in your mobile app with a single integration.

How it works

You just have to add a customized payment button on your web site. Your client will click on it and the payment process will start. It’s very easy, fast and secure.


- No startup or monthly fees.

- Available in multiple countries.

- Support many languages and currencies.

- Automatic device detection and UI optimization.

- No technical skills required.

- One integration for all platforms.

- Fast, secure and easy to integrate.

PayGol as a solution

PayGol offers a variety of national and international payment methods that your customers can pay with. Some of these payment methods are:

- Credit card with worldwide coverage.

- Mobile payments (SMS and Pay per call).

- paysafecard.

- And many others local payment methods

Tracking sales

PayGol offers professional analytics tools to track and optimize all your transactions.



New payment options in Mexico

PayGol has added new payment methods in Mexico: OXXO, Banamex, Santander and SMS (Text messages).

- Excellent revenue up to 91% (Sellers).
- Different payment methods.
- Safe, fast and easy.

To calculate your earnings and get more information about Mexico, please visit

More information about our whole coverage


The higher price point revolution has been extended!

Higher Price revolution Extended

You asked for it, We’ve had to do it!

The Higher price point revolution has been Extended!

We love our users, so we hear them! Yes we do!
We’ve got a handful of e-mails asking for higher price points and of course better earnings, So what we do? We gave it to you!

Mexico Brazil and Argentina have just joined the revolution!
Now feel free to enjoy the true best prices of the market!

You can see all new price points for these countries with their payouts
on this link

More Details:

Mexico: Prices and Earnings

Brazil: Prices and Earnings

Argentina: Prices and Earnings

These new price points have been automatically added to your existing services.

Expand your possibilities joining the price point revolution!

Expand your possibilities and join the new PayGol price point revolution!

Higher prices to suit your products/services better and of course, get better earnings!
This is Hot stuff! Brand new higher price points for 12 Countries, so now it’s easier and faster!  Plus, offering you the best market revenue!

Austria, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Greece, Finland, United Kingdom,
Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria and Romania.

You can see in details all new price points for this countries with their payouts
on this link

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How does PayGol work? In very easy steps:

How does PayGol work? In very easy steps:

1 – Press the PayGol button on the website, payment screen will show up.

2 – Send the required SMS Message(s) and you will receive a PIN CODE as a confirmation of your payment.

3 – Enter your PIN CODE and press the OK button. Now Enjoy!

Super Easy!

How it works in details: