Start accepting payments online
All your online payments available on your website or in your mobile app with a single integration. No startup or monthly fees.
Receive payments from anywhere in the world
With our platform you will be able to receive payments from anywhere in the world quickly, easily and safely, from any device. A barrierless and consumer friendly payment experience.
Easy integration, no technical skills required.
Worldwide coverage.
Available in multiple languages and currencies.
Payment screen responsive to any device.
Email invoicing
 Create an invoice, send it to your customer, and get paid.
 For any type of business.
 No extra cost.
 Our full payment methods selection made even easier.
Payment methods
Paygol offers you a wide variety of local and international payment methods

More payment options available reduce the possibility of abandonment at checkout, resulting in increased sales.
Our control panel provides professional analysis tools that allow you to track and optimize your transactions, check your balance in real time, administrate your services and payment methods, view statistics and interactive reports of your sales, and more.
Support platform
Our team actively monitor the transactions made to ensure your and your consumers' security, preventing fraud, and keeping optimal use and running of the payment platform. We have a very enthusiastic and multilingual support staff prepared to help you with anything you need.