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1. What is PayGol?
2. How does PayGol mobile payments works?
3. Why should I add PayGol as a payment option?
4. Why is PayGol safer than a credit card?
5. How do I get started?
6. Which services can I offer via PayGol?
7. In which countries does PayGol offer its services?
8. Do my customers need an account with PayGol?
9. How and When do I receive my earnings?
10. I don't remember my Password, how can I recover it?
11. Can my clients send messages from a foreign country?
12. Why my earned money has decreased?
13. What if I can not reach the minimum required to be paid?
14. What is IBAN and SWIFT/BIC?
15. What happen if a payment requires more than 1 sms to be sent?
16. Does my PayGol Balance expire?
17. What are payment cycles and how do they work?
1. How can I start a service?
2. How can I Test my service before going live?
3. Can I use only one service in many web pages and web sites?
4. How do I add a PayGol payment button on my web pages?
5. How can change the payment button by my own one?
6. How many services am I allowed to have?
7. How long are my services valid?
8. Why do I get an Error: Unknown IP?
9. My IPN suddenly stopped working!
1. What's PayGol's SMS Gateway?
2. Why should I use PayGol's SMS Gateway?
3. How does PayGol's SMS Gateway work?
4. How can I buy SMS Credits?
5. What countries PayGol's SMS Gateway is available in?
6. Can I send sms messages from my own apps?
7. Do my SMS Gateway credits expire?
1. What is Premium SMS?
2. How can I create a Premium SMS service?
3. How long does it take to activate?
4. Does my service expire?
5. Do I need a website to use Premium SMS?
6. Which countries covers Premium SMS?