General questions

PayGol is an online payment service that makes it easy and safe to pay for virtual and digital goods. Purchases on many of your favorite gaming, entertainment and social sites can be completed choosing many payment methods PayGol offers you.
Just paste one of our payment buttons or one of your own buttons anywhere in your website. A customer clicks the button, start the chosen payment method process and the transaction is completed. It takes just seconds to buy.
PayGol is secure, easy to integrate and use, it offers a variety of payment methods and of course you will get much more revenue with high conversion rates.

With PayGol you can reach customers all over the World even in different languages and using more than 30 different currencies. You don't even have to worry about translations or even working with currency conversion, our system do it for you!
To start using our service just create a free account here and you can start immediately charging your customers.
Integrated: This is the most complete service and you can have full control of it. It can be easily integrated in any website.

Multi-price: This type of service is specially used when you want to offer your customers different price options. This type of service is normally used in game sites when users can choose one price of the multiple choice.

Premium SMS: Check the complete Premium SMS implementation clicking this link.
It is not required but it's optional.
All of our payment methods have a waiting period before funds become withdrawable, this waiting period is as follows:
- Credit card: 15 days
- Paysafecard: 30 days
- Credits: 30 days
- Local payments (Direct): 30 days
- Mobile payments: 45-225 days

You can request a new payout at at any time, as long as the withdrawable amount is higher than €100 and no payout is already pending. Please note that payout requests can take a maximum of 7 working days to be issued.
In case you can not reach the minimum required to be paid, your money will be hold until you reach at least 100 Euros.
- The actual transfer sum may differ due to exchange rate fluctuations, operator chargebacks and others possible factors.
- It may happen that operator fails to deliver the billing report or end-user refuses to pay the bill.
Non Mobile Payment methods Balance: The earnings made with Non mobile payment methods do not expire.

Mobile methods (SMS, Premium SMS and Call): The earnings made with Mobile payment methods expire on a period of 12 months. This applies to abandoned or suspended accounts, and those that did not reach the payout threshold within said time frame. Expired balance will not be paid out.
SWIFT or BIC is used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers. Each bank has its own code, you can find it on your bank's website or you can ask your bank via telephone.

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is used to identify a determined bank account on a determined entity Worldwide. Each bank account should have its own IBAN Code (Mostly European Accounts)

To transfer money to your bank account, IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Bank Identification Code) or SWIFT(address of the bank) are required.

BIC/SWIFT: is an 8-11 letter code that identifies the bank, and it looks like ABBYGB2LXXX (UK SWIFT)
IBAN: it looks like GB26ABBY12345678901234 (UK IBAN)

In most cases you can find this information on your bank's website.

Technical questions

Click here and follow the steps to start any type of service you want.
To start testing your services go inside your Control Panel->My Services and change the status of your service to Testing. Once your service is fully working in Testing Mode between your Web Site and PayGol, then set it back to Enabled to start charging your customers.

For more information click here
Sure!, just paste the piece of code of your service as many web pages as you want.
Once you have created a service, click on the icon and you will see the steps to proceed with the integration of the payment button.
In the code of your service you will see something like below, just replace the path of the image typed in bold by the path you want:

<input type="image" name="pg_button" class="paygol" src="" border="0">
There is no limit of services to have, you can have as many services as you want.
Your services will not have any expiration period, you can use your services as long as you want.
Actually this is not an error, this reply comes from the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) file stored in your server. You should add this URL into your URL Background at the moment you are creating or editing a service.