PayGol API and Modules
PayGol can be used without any real know-how about technology involved. However, should your website require a more tight integration with PayGol, we offer an API (Application Programming Interface) integration to all kinds of front-end and legacy systems. This is pretty easy to implement. Adding PayGol to your web site is as simple as putting a ready-made link on your page. You can either link directly to us, or customize and embed PayGol on your own web page so that customers don't even have to leave your site. This way your application can talk with PayGol in the background to provide your application with all the payment methods that PayGol provides.
PayGol API
PayGol API, can be integrated on any website See implementation
Premium SMS See implementation
For Hosting and Game Servers
Payment Gateway for WHMCS Download
Payment Gateway for BoxBilling Download
DonationCraft See implementation
Buycraft See implementation
For Shopping Carts
WordPress plugin for PayGol integration See implementation
Integrate PayGol in your OpenCart shop See implementation